Engineering Project Management

Our expert team of project managers add value to projects throughout their lifecycle by ensuring the project is run and completed successfully, with stakeholders held accountable and risks minimised. We work across the power, utilities, mining, and mineral processing industries in both green and brownfields multi-disciplinary engineering projects.

Moyo’s professionals can work within the owners’ team of project managers or as part of the contractor’s team. Our expertise spans from project office setup, planning assistance, tender setup and adjudication, project controls and execution advice through to full turnkey project management.

Every member of our project management team is fluent in NEC, FIDIC and bespoke forms of contract with a primary focus on fairness and ethical execution of the agreed terms.

The team is flexible in that they can work to a client’s project management methodology or, in its absence, tailor a framework for the specific project/s. Our team has both PMBOK and PRINCE2 experience as well as other traditional non-engineering methodologies like AgilePM.

Moyo Engineering’s Project Management services include:

  • Owner’s team project management
  • Turnkey project management
  • Front-end-loading of projects including requirement gathering and problem statement definition
  • Workshop facilitation of project management deliverables, i.e. statement of work, project charter, work breakdown structure, project schedule, etc.
  • Project approval preparation and advice
  • Project office setup and advice
  • Project methodology development, review and/or implementation
  • Project tender preparation and adjudication
  • Project reviews and advice
  • Project recovery plans and execution
  • Project staff augmentation

Mining & Mineral Processing Engineering

The key to successful mining and mineral processing operations is increasing ROIs and improving performance. Our team of specialists unlock this value through proper planning, management, evaluation and analysis of the entire value chain. We operate across all mining facets of operational management and technical consulting.

To optimise, we take a dynamic and holistic view to boost the success of current operations and to identify new opportunities, which can be financed with newly freed-up capital from OPEX savings and raised output.

Our offering is specialised but vast. We can help from the initial project planning right through to product delivery. This allows us to offer bespoke and unique solutions to every challenge.

Moyo’s Mining & Mineral Processing Engineering includes the following services:

  • Due diligence and technical audits on operating processes
  • Project risk assessment and analysis
  • Operational management assessments
  • Operational improvement studies and recommendations
  • Equipment selection and optimisation
  • Equipment maintenance schedules and reviews
  • Delivering of plans for implementation
  • Preparing annual budget forecasts
  • Compilation of operating procedures

Energy Engineering

Energy is a critical resource to any business, and how it is managed largely affects profitability and sustainability. With a track record of saving our clients upwards of R1 billion through improved operations, Moyo can develop a bespoke plan for your business.

We achieve this through a blue-print approach of analysis and execution which is tailored for each client and industry. We have assisted utility businesses desiring greater performance output from their boilers and turbines to industrial factories seeking more energy-efficient operations all the way through to mines wanting to extract and process their commodities with less energy consumption.

We offer the following services:

  • System efficiency analysis
  • Energy recovery opportunities
  • Due diligence and technical audits on operating processes
  • Commissioning of solutions
  • Control and Instrumentation system improvements
  • SCADA & PLC Software Design
  • Redlined Drawing Packs

Nuclear Engineering

Climate change is described by the UN as the defining issue of our time. As the world shifts to a more carbon-neutral economy, we as engineers need to work to re-imagine the future of energy. Nuclear power is key but not as widely used as expected, with only around 11 percent of the world’s power coming from 450 reactors in operation across 30 countries.

The Generation IV type nuclear reactor is essential to this, as they aim to improve on sustainability, economics, safety and reliability, proliferation resistance and physical protection. Moyo Engineering is actively involved in supporting its clients taking Gen IV Nuclear reactor solutions to the market, specifically within the nuclear fuel development domain. We support the fabrication process of nuclear fuel with the highest integrity coatings so that at the end of life the coating remains and retains its functions. As part of this endeavour, Moyo is adding value to the two primary drivers of fuel and materials development within the Nuclear field, that being safety and fuel cycle cost.

Augmented Reality

Knowledge is power and through Moyo’s Augmented Reality and Real-Time Condition Based Monitoring (RTCBM), a Connected Worker in the processing and mining industry can improve efficiency, productivity, and quality of work.

Working with clients, we’re able to immerse workers into an Augmented Reality environment where industrial hardware and processes are brought to life and they can see every aspect of their operational environment.

In practice, our Connected Worker Augmented Reality solution works as follows:

  1. Overlaying digital condition and process data onto hardware, to be observed visually by the worker through an AR device which he or she wears while at the machine.
  2. The connected maintenance worker has heads-up data while at the machine (temperature, pressures, flows, vibration, oil, etc.) and can compare this to manual readings in real-time.
  3. Work order notifications can be loaded by the worker on the spot, eliminating the need for office-based notifications at a later stage when the worker returns to his workshop or office.
  4. Two-way visual and audible communication is established to facilitate guidance and instructions between the connected worker in the plant and remote Subject Matter Experts.
  5. Machine performance data dashboards (Tableau and PowerBI) are displayed in the wearer’s view, triggered by location settings or object recognition.

Augmented Reality can be a powerful tool in the processing and mining industries. It allows workers to immerse themselves in their field to interrogate process variables or receive tasks in real-time. With the graphical 3D overlay, fault finding is improved as well as the speed with which work is performed. Moyo’s Connected Worker solution ultimately improves efficiency, productivity, and quality of work.

Digital Transformation of Engineering Systems

Many engineering departments at large industrial processing companies need help making the digital shift and introducing advanced analytics tools. At Moyo, we have a track record of helping companies to investigate avenues for increasing their production output, improving equipment effectiveness and sustainably achieving environmental regulatory compliance.

Through the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), most of our clients are already producing the data needed to establish intelligent processing plants or mining operations – all brought together by the network of sensors, instruments, and machines in the plant.

The tools Moyo puts in place to make sense of the newly elicited data streams, address the very specific requirements of your engineers in the mining and processing industries. This allows engineers to experience and utilise the digital transformation of the plant.

Our expertise and experiences in Industrial Hardware and state of the art Control & Instrumentation skills work with advanced algorithms and data models from multiple sources. This is then processed to deliver insights to optimize production processes for better efficiency, improved product quality and greater output.

Working with us at Moyo gives engineers the tools to solve more day-to-day questions independently and enhance their effectiveness. Ultimately, this provides companies with new insights and unlocks value to the owner-operator at all levels of the organization, while leveraging resources more efficiently.

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